About Us

Herbal Hair products are made in China and manufactured by the Beijing Zhangguang 101 Science and Technology Company, the world famous traditional Chinese medicine hair tonic brand.

Known as the “Magic Oriental Formula”, Zhangguang 101 are the pioneer and leading brand in the hair regrowth industry of China for over 40 years. Compared with other products in the same category, they have the longest development history, strongest influence and largest market share.

The Herbal Hair formula is refined from various precious Chinese herbs such as white peony root, Chinese sage, ginseng, ginger and many others. This proven natural Chinese formula removes toxins, dandruff, itching and excessive hair oil from the hair follicle to prolong the hair growth cycle, preventing further hair loss.

Using only these traditional Chinese herbal ingredients, these products have gained huge popularity and become most sought after among beauty-pursuing people in 65 countries and regions. Herbal Hair are extremely proud to bring this traditional Chinese medicine to the European market to build on the unwavering trust and wide public praise of over 30 million customers.

The herbal formula not only helps re-grow new hair, but also strengthens and nourishes the existing hair from future hair loss. There are 4 stages to Herbal Hair treatment:

Stages of Herbal Hair Treatment Cycle

These stages are to promote healthy hair growth. When new hair begins to grow, the hair will be stimulated to accelerate the growth process. This is the main reason why Herbal Hair products can solve hair loss problems so effectively and are recognised by so many countries worldwide, winning many international awards.