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Designed to combat hair loss, our collection of hair loss products are a perfect natural aid to kickstart your journey towards a healthier head of hair, with the help of authentic Chinese herbal ingredients. 

Our products were re-branded from the renowned Zhang Guang 101 hair products, which have had over 40 years of global success. We envisioned a modernised brand suitable for the modern western market. 

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9 products

  • Made with Natural Chinese Herbs

    Our products are created with precious Chinese herbs, specifically chosen for their effectiveness against hair loss. 

  • Concentrated Advanced Formula

    Re-branded from the world famous Zhangguang 101 Hair Tonic Brand, over 40 years of scientifc research has gone into the Herbal Hair product range to ensure you receive the very best formula. 

  • Perfect for Both Men & Women

    The Herbal Hair range is designed to assist with a range of hair loss conditions, for both men & women. See results in as little as 3 weeks!

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