Can Pregnancy Cause Hair Loss?

Blog – Pregnancy cause hair loss

For expecting mothers, pregnancy is a wonderful experience. Although understandably, if you’ve noticed that your hair is starting to fall out in clumps, you’re going to be a little concerned.

Here’s an overview of the link between hair loss and pregnancy:

What Causes Hair Loss During Pregnancy?

During early stages of pregnancy, if you’re noticing more hair loss than usual this may be caused by stress or hormone-related factors.

With that in mind, these changes have an effect on your hair growth lifestyle and function.

An estimated 90% of your hair is placed in a growth process, with the remaining 10% being sat in a resting phase.

On average, every two to three months your scalp makes room for more hair to grow, as the resting hair eventually falls out during this period.

This is nothing to be concerned about, but if you’re experiencing abnormal amounts of hair on your pillow in the morning, then action needs to be taken.

How Does Stress During Pregnancy Affect Hair Loss?

Pregnancy puts unfamiliar stress on the body, which in-turn affects the condition of your scalp.

Scientific studies have suggested that stress-related hormones can increase the hair moving into the resting phase by 30%, meaning higher chances of hair falling out than usual.

Known as Telogen Effluvium, this condition commonly appears in early pregnancy, but this is not a major concern.

How Much Hair Loss is Considered ‘Normal’?

Great question!

Trauma to the hair follicles is one of the most common signs of pregnancy hair loss, and as you’ve probably seen by now, lots of external factors can affect the strength of your scalp.

Wearing your hair in tight ponytails can put strain on your hair follicles, and cause damage over a long period.

If you’re prone to sub-consciously pulling on your hair when feeling stressed, this may lead to traction alopecia, a factor towards permanent hair loss.

To avoid these lasting effects, try wearing your hair in more comfortable styles to avoid putting unwanted stress on your luscious locks.

Can Diet Have an Effect?

In short – 100%. 

Low iron levels are common during pregnancy, which is an important component to strengthen your hair.

Common symptoms of low iron include headaches, fatigue, irregular heartbeat or chest pains. If you regularly experience these, it’s important to address this to stay fit and healthy.

Make sure to include foods which can improve these levels (red meat, nuts, dried fruit), as well as a natural aid which can be taken daily…

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What about Post-Partum Hair Loss?

During pregnancy, the body’s levels of progesterone and estrogen sky-rocket, meaning that your hair remains in an on-going stage of growth.

This phase typically continues to create thicker strands of hair until childbirth. 

Following delivery, the body’s estrogen levels drop dramatically which can have a knock-on effect on your hair follicles.

What is the Solution?

Luckily, hair is one of the few tissues in the body which can replenish over time, but only with the right solutions. Click here to view the solutions available to start your journey to a stronger head of hair.

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