Can Hair Loss Be Caused By Stress?

Blog – Stress Cause Hair Loss

With so much going on in today’s world, it’s hard to avoid being sucked into a form of stress. The pandemic has thrown up many challenges, with jobs being affected and the general feeling of uncertainty can take its toll on more than just human behaviour. Stress is a chemical reaction whereby changes occur in the body, resulting in physical or emotional responses. It’s a common feeling, sometimes it helps us adapt to unexpected situations in a positive manner, but other times it can leave you feeling down in the dumps.

Some forms of stress can cause hair loss, for both men and women. There are three main types of hair loss which are directly related to stress:

Telogen Effluvium

This condition commonly occurs when you see a noticeable scalp difference, with an increased number of hairs being shed each day. This shift is typically caused by a change in your hair growth cycle, moving from the growing phase (Anagen) to the shedding phase (Telogen).

People affected by the change into the Telogen phase typically don’t lose all of their scalp hair (luckily), although there will be clear visual differences. In short, people who have been affected by this condition have summarised it as “abrupt” and “short-term”, if the right steps are taken to revert the effects.

This process is generally quite slow, as it may take months before your hair shedding stops, then potentially even years for hairs to grow back at a slow pace. Some individuals who have experienced Telogen Effluvium have said that their hair never fully returned to its normal look and feel, so it’s important to manage this condition where possible.


Ever had an extremely uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to rip your hair out from your scalp? This urge is a natural human reaction to deal with negative strains put on the body, such as tension, frustration or extreme stress. Trichotillomania can be caused by a variety of factors – potential reasons could be down to changes in hormone levels during puberty or a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Treating this condition can be relatively straight forward. Scientific experts typically recommend replacing this bad habit with something which isn’t harmful, such as squeezing a stress ball, practicing deep breathing exercises until the urge subsides or taking up meditation to ease away any stress or anxiety from your body.

Alopecia Areata

Now, this condition may appear because of severe stress. The statistics behind this condition are staggering, with most cases of this condition being caused by hereditary factors. With Alopecia Areata, this occurs when your white blood cells start to attack your hair follicles, causing them to shrink and weaken, leading to slower hair production. Eventually, the follicles are too weak to continue re-producing and start to fall out, creating ‘patches’ on your scalp.

It is estimated that around 50% of individuals who experience Alopecia Areata can recover from the condition, with the right treatment.

What is the Solution?

Luckily, hair is one of the few tissues in the body which can regenerate over time, but only with the right solutions. Click here to view the solutions available to start your journey to a stronger head of hair.

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