Preventing Hair Loss, Naturally

Our aim at Herbal Hair is to provide a natural and effective solution for both men and women suffering from hair loss or thinning.

Our products focus on the prevention, nourishment and wellbeing of the hair and scalp to provide a complete solution for everyone.

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Only 100% Natural Ingredients

Using powerful Chinese herbs, we've created an advanced formula to tackle all forms of hair loss. These products are suitable for men & women of all hair types. 

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See Results in Weeks*

We suggest using a combined treatment to see noticeable effects in just 2 weeks!* 

For optimised results, we recommend using Herbal Hair products for a minimum of 3 months to see the full benefits throughout the hair’s natural cycle.

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Discover the Scientific Causes

Want to find out more about factors which contribute to a thinning scalp?

Keep up to date with everything hair loss with our blogs:

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How Are Our Products Made?

  • Made with Precious Chinese Herbs

    Our products are specially formulated with authentic Chinese herbs, known for their powerful properties to fight hair loss.

  • Perfect for Men & Women

    Ensure a complete treatment by using Herbal Hair products together. For a tailored treatment plan just for you, try our Free Online Diagnosis.

  • Over 40 Years of Development

    Inspired by the world-famous Zhangguang 101 brand, this has been re-branded as Herbal Hair with an advanced solution for the Western market.

  • 100% EU Regulation Compliant

    All Herbal Hair products are UK & German Laboratories tested on Safety and Stability grounds, ensuring you receive the highest quality product.

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